Help UWP create our first-ever Watershed Guide

The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership is asking our friends and interested people to advise us on what information would be valuable in a guide about our watershed. Our nonprofit received a grant from the Ouray County Community Fund to produce a watershed guide to Ouray County, to provide access to accurate, useful information to all water users in our area including those who drink it, recreate in it, water their fields and livestock with it, and everyone with an interest.

This guide, which will be compact with less than 8 pages, will be published this fall and available online through UWP as well as in a printed version distributed around the community where the public can find it. We would like it to become a valuable resource for residents and visitors including recreationalists, guides, farmers, ranchers, restaurant and hotel employees, real estate agents, middle and high school students, teachers of all grades, and anyone who uses water from local sources.

To ensure the guide contains the most wanted and helpful information about the watershed, we are asking for input on what types of content you would like to see in it. We would like to know what you are most interested in knowing about the watershed, and what questions you are most often asked about the watershed and struggle to answer (or get tired of answering repeatedly and wish you could give printed answers to the questioners).

Please email your ideas to UWP Communications Director Tanya Ishikawa, or fill out the form below. Thank you for your time and interest!