Water Quality

Water Quality

Colorado River Watch is a statewide volunteer water quality-monitoring program operated by the Colorado Watershed Assembly in cooperation with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. River Watch volunteers collect samples on a monthly basis for fourteen stations in the Uncompahgre Watershed. Data summaries for each station can be found at the River Watch Website.

The STORET Data Warehouse is the EPA’s repository for water quality, biological, and physical data. It is a great resource! This link supplies a summary of data for the Uncompahgre Watershed.

Water Quality Assessments (pdfs)

USGS – Geochemistry of Red Mountain Creek, Under Low-Flow Conditions, August 2002

USGS – Simulation-based Approach for Estimating Premining Water Quality: Red Mountain Creek

The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership raised funding and commissioned the first comprehensive water quality report of the entire Uncompahgre Watershed based data from our partners: EPA, River Watch, Water Quality Control Division of the CDPHE, USGS, DRMS, and DOW.

Sections of the draft report are available.

This report is still a work in progress. It is NOT complete and should not be interpreted as such. This version of the report only contains information from above Ridgway Reservoir. The complete report includes data from the Reservoir to Delta.

The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership is dedicated to bringing balanced input from stakeholders and technical experts into creating the final draft. If you have expertise in water chemistry or data that we missed, please contact us! We want to know what you think. We welcome your input and encourage the feedback of all stakeholders.

Sections of the draft Watershed Plan available.