Volunteers Needed

The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership has many needs for volunteers throughout the year, mostly at our special events. The annual Ridgway RiverFest in fact is supported by more than 50 volunteers who make the day a great success. Other events like our various educational school visits and field trips require just one or two volunteers. Most volunteer assignments are just three to four hours. You can choose to volunteer one time a year or once a month or more.

Here is a list of our top volunteer needs:

  • Ridgway RiverFest- participate on various committees to plan the event and/or pick a volunteer assignment on the day of the event to help set up, take down, interact with festival goers, or keep the day moving along.
  • Rollans Park and Uncompahgre River Gorge (Ouray Ice Park) volunteer days- a morning in the spring and fall, cleaning up litter and helping in various ways to maintain the natural conditions in the parks.
  • Watershed education- share hydrology and watershed cycle information with students of all ages, especially elementary schoolers, in classrooms, on field trips and at annual events
  • Water monitoring- help take water samples for specific projects or for a monthly monitoring program.
  • Public meetings- assist UWP staff to plan, set up and take down at community meetings where we report on our activities or get stakeholder input on proposed projects in the watershed
  • Other- find your niche within UWP, by letting us know what your skills and interests are. We can always use more support for our board, volunteers and staff on events, publications, outreach, etc.

To find out more and let us know of your interest in volunteering for our watershed, please email Tanya at uwpcommunications@gmail.com.