Information Resources

Why reinvent the wheel? Many organizations across Colorado and the nation are working on watershed issues and solutions. Partnership is part of our nonprofit’s name for a reason. We happily partner with diverse agencies, organizations, and private companies and individuals to accomplish our mission. Here are some great educational websites that offer useful scientific information, best practices and other helpful resources about water use, management, and development for personal or professional purposes.

Water Quality

How’s My Waterway? from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Summary of the Clean Water Act

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Clean Water Activities

Water Quantity

Colorado Water Plan: a a framework for helping Colorado meet its water challenges through collaborative action around water development and water conservation

22 Ways to Care for Colorado Water in 2022 by Water 2022

Water Conservation Guidance from the Colorado River District

Water Science School from the U.S. Geological Service

Clean Water Act Module Part 1 from the U.S. EPA, designed to provide a history of the Clean Water Act (CWA) and an overview of Water Quality Standards (WQS). 


Critical Water Concepts from the Statewide Water Education Action Plan of Colorado


UWP Consumer Water Conservation Presentation July 2022