CAWA Funding for Ag Drought Resiliency Projects

Applications Due December 1, 2022

The Colorado Ag Water Alliance is helping roll out a new project and they are looking for agricultural producers that want to participate in 2023. CAWA has secured funding to distribute to landowners to implement drought resiliency projects next year. There will be an emphasis on projects where they can gather data related to water conservation. CAWA wants projects that demonstrate conserved consumptive use but maintain profitability. These funds will have few strings attached and allow them to quickly deploy money for projects that otherwise wouldn’t receive any. One of the goals of these projects is to demonstrate and prove strategies for drought and data will be necessary to scale-up any of these projects. The potential projects will involve:

Alternative Forage and Crops                    Drought Tolerant Varieties of Crops

Irrigation Management                              Herd Size and Stocking Strategies

Soil Management                                        Remote Sensing

Projects may range anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000 and will include cost for monitoring, equipment, seed or other materials necessary for implementing the project. CAWA wants to work with producers in 2022 to develop project proposals. In December, they will select the projects to fund, and implementation can start in 2023. They will monitor projects throughout 2023 and follow up with landowners once the projects are complete. If you think this might be of interest, Greg Peterson at CAWA would appreciate the opportunity to you if you are interested.  Deadline for applications is December 1st.

Information and Application available here:

Questions? Contact: Greg Peterson, Colorado Ag Water Alliance Executive Director, Phone: (720) 244-4629