UWP's 2020 Partners of the Year: Colorado River Watch volunteers

2020 Annual Report released

The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership (UWP) is happy to share our 2020 Annual Report, containing information about all of the activities accomplished with the support of our many, many partners. Open up the report to read about UWP’s positive impacts in the Upper Uncompahgre Watershed. Besides seeing photos of the multicolored water resources around the area, you can also see the faces of the people who are working hard as volunteers and contractors and learn the names of our funders and collaborators.

On page 3, we are excited to introduce UWP’s 2020 Partners of the Year. This group of five amazingly generous and thoughtful individuals contribute a combined 500 hours annually to our nonprofit and Colorado Parks & Wildlife through the River Watch program.

The UWP Board and staff are grateful for the monthly water sampling and analysis work of John Hulburd, Amy Relnick, Ronna Edgett-Underwood, Diana Spooner, and Arlen Huggins. Plus, special thanks go to John for his additional work on tree care and tree enclosures at the Uncompahgre River Gorge and Rollans Park in 2020, and Arlen for his ongoing analysis of River Watch data.

Thank you to Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery for donating gift cards for each of our partners. I recommend everyone heads over to Colorado Boy for some great food and drink (new menu items and beer varieties often), and perhaps you’ll run into John, Amy, Ronna, Diane, or Arlen and you can thank them, too!

We welcome you to share this link to the UWP 2020 Annual Report with others who care about our watershed: https://www.uncompahgrewatershed.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/UWP-2020-Annual-Report-online.pdf

Happy Reading!