Water Conservation Education: Soil Health Field Tour

October 27, 2022, 8:45am-1:30pm; Montrose County Fair Grounds, 1001 N 2nd St, Montrose, CO

Register now while you can still get a seat on the tour bus!

This year’s tour from the Shavano Conservation District features guest speaker Rick Strait, New Mexico State Soil Scientist.  Using dye tests at each of the soil pits on the tour, Rick will demonstrate water infiltration variations in soils ranging from conventional tillage, mixed-till, no-till, and rangeland pastures.  We will also identify layers in the soil, hardpan, cover crop roots, and more to demonstrate the benefits of healthy soil principles.  

This free event is part of the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s STAR+ Program.  The Colorado STAR and STAR Plus (Saving Tomorrow’s Agricultural Resources) Programs make up the Colorado Soil Health Program.  The Star Program helps individual farmers and ranchers evaluate their operations’ use of soil health practices and identify areas for improvement while providing technical and financial assistance to help them succeed.  The Soil Health Field Tour will visit local fields enrolled in the STAR+ program and learn about soil health practices they implemented this season.

This regional soil health event is organized with support from the Western Colorado Soil Health Team and the Colorado State Conservation Board’s Matching Grants Program.  CSCB provides matching state funds to conservation districts for implementing private lands on-the-ground conservation projects and educational conservation activities.

To attend the Soil Health Field Tour on Thursday, October 27, 2022, register online at https://SoilHealthTour.eventbrite.com

The tour bus will depart from the Montrose Fair Grounds parking lot located on the backside of Friendship Hall (north of the goat barns) at 9:00am.  Please arrive by 8:45am so the bus can leave on time.  The Montrose Fair Grounds are located at 1001 N 2nd St, Montrose, CO 81401.  Questions?  Call Jerry Allen at 970-964-3575.