Trigger donations while you shop all year long!

Did you know* that signing up with City Market (Kroger/King Soopers) or by installing an iGive add-on to your internet browser toolbar, your online shopping can trigger automatic donations to the Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership from those organizations? Yes, a small percentage of your payments for your online purchases will be directed to our nonprofit if you take a few moments to set up UWP as your beneficiary of those donation programs… and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

iGive Screen Shot

To get the add-on that will automatically link various shopping and online travel agents to their automatic donation program to direct a percentage of your purchases to UWP, go to this link: and sign up. You will then be instructed how to put the toolbar add-on to your web browser. 

Your purchases at City Market (King Soopers/Kroger) can send donations UWP’s way without costing you anything extra. City Market is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper so donates a portion of sales to local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations through City Market Community Rewards. All you have to do to get donations flowing to UWP is to connect your Rewards/Value Card to UWP online. Then, just shop at City Market and swipe your Value Card (or enter Alt ID)!

Please connect your Value Card on the City Market Website

Your participation in these convenient programs will make a difference in UWP’s ability to accomplish our mission. Thank you!

*The amazonsmile program of donating to nonprofits as a percentage of individual shopping purchases ended in January 2023.