Tires Cleaned Up

Over the course of two days volunteers from the Uncomaphgre Watershed Partnership removed a total of 58 tires from State Land along the Uncompahgre River and Cow Creek.   Combined the volunteers worked for a total of 50 hours.  The volunteers proceeded by starting upstream and moving downstream on the State properties in a line abreast search pattern spanning the riparian area.  As tires were found they were piled.  The tires were all located in the riparian area or within the river or creek itself.   All tires found were visible on the surface.  No digging was done to search.   The tires were carried by the volunteers to locations designated by DPW staff to be picked up and removed by Maynes Tires.  Some other materials including tire inner tubes and trash were removed.  DPW staff will pursue contacting Maynes to ensure the pickup of the gathered tires.

From left to right: Matthew Jurjonas, Nancy Saunders, and Jessi Marlatt.