Tire Cleanup the Second

A group of volunteers went out and picked up 20 tires or so today from a section of the Uncompahgre River near Billy Creek, and started on a large section along Cow Creek.  There is still plenty more to be done on the Cow Creek Section.  To beat the weather we are thinking that Friday would be the best day to try and finish the job.

Meet at 10am at the stream gauge pullout 300 yards north of where we were on Tuesday.  This is the north gate to Cow Creek, a little north of Pacochupuk.
Bring a Lunch
Orange may also be a good idea, for it is hunting season.
Waders are also nice, crossing the creek gets to knee deep at points, but there is still plenty of work for those without.
Gloves (the tires are muddy!)

The weather looks good, and if we get a large enough group I bet we can finish the job.  I will send an update if anything changes and also post this information on this website.

Thanks for your help today for those that came out, I hope you guys again and some new faces can come out on Friday too.