The Future of Water in Ouray County

Please help water and the watershed to take their place in the Ouray County Master Plan.

The Ouray County Planning Commission wants to know the thoughts of community members about the future. Do you want better public transportation, preservation of rural spaces, protection of water resources, affordable housing?

Until June 21, the county is taking responses to the county-wide Master Plan Update survey. You can find it online at . It only takes a few minutes to fill out.

Your input will be considered in preparing a draft Master Plan Update. NOW IS THE TIME TO VOICE YOUR OPINION! This is an important opportunity when you can have an impact on local land use planning.

Most of the survey requests demographic information or simple “check the box” type questions. Most important is your opportunity to provide additional written comments on the issues that concern you. UWP encourages you to request that the county and planning commission include careful planning and management of water resources to preserve and restore water quality and quantity, while ensuring wildlife, natural habitat and public access to public resources are conserved.

If you have questions or want to share what you plan to submit about water and the watershed with UWP, you can email

Thank you for taking time to promote the protection and improvement of our natural, scenic and economic watershed resources!