Sustainable Agriculture

The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership appreciates our area’s agricultural heritage, and recognizes the importance of local food production. Agriculture, while a valuable part of our watershed, is one of the biggest water users so efficient irrigation and related practices are key to sustaining our water supply. We hope to provide useful information and resources about sustainable agricultural practices through our website and future events.

The Shavano Conservation District is a key local partner in promoting sustainable agricultural water use. You can learn about the district from the presentation and website below:

Shavano Conservation District presentation

Shavano Conservation District website

Two other organizations that support education and projects promoting sustainable agricultural water use are the following:

National Resource Conservation Service

Sustainable Agriculture Resource and Education

Irrigation Efficiency Webinar

Colorado Cattlemen Association’s Ag Water NetWORK hosted a webinar titled “Ag Irrigation Projects and Funding Sources” on March 10, 2021.

Read highlights from the webinar

View webinar

Drought Advisors at CSU

The Drought Plan Program provides Colorado farmers and ranchers with personalized advising and financial incentives to craft and implement strategic and actionable drought plans for their agricultural operations. Learn more.