Monthly River Watch Reports

for the Upper Uncompahgre River Watershed

June 16, 2022 summer sites, Plasma Mass Spectrometer, streamflows, and standards attainment

May 12, 2022 RW director site visit, streamflows, snow water totals, timing of high metal concentrations, school field trip presentation

April 14, 2022 nutrient data examples from 2020-2021

March 10, 2022 streamflow, snowpack and the EPA’s How’s My Waterway

February 10, 2022 streamflow and snowpack

January 13, 2022 streamflow and snowfall trends and analysis of water quality in Ridgway Reservoir

December 8, 2021 sampling activities, streamflows, snowfall trend, and preliminary E. Coli data from Blue Lakes study

November 11, 2021 sampling activities, streamflows, metal concentrations in fish tissue at Ridgway Reservoir, and preliminary TMDL data (July-Oct 2021)

September 9, 2021 sampling activity, RiverFest demonstrations, and streamflows

August 12, 2021 new site information, streamflow stats and progress in TMDL data collection

July 8, 2021 Volunteer activities, streamflow stats plus comparison of total alkalinity and hardness in Imogene Creek

June 10, 2021 Volunteer activities plus streamflow stats

May 13, 2021 Stats plus Sneffels, Imogene, and Canyon Creek hardness data

April 8, 2021 Stats plus Imogene Creek sampling history

March 11, 2021 Stats plus Uncompahgre segments that lack sufficient data for a TMDL study

February 11, 2021 Stats plus cadmium concentrations from Lake Como to the confluence of the Uncompahgre with Red Mountain Creek

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