“Good Samaritan” Legislation

Good Samaritan Legislation

The Uncompahgre Watershed is littered with old, abandoned mine sites that are leaching heavy metals and acidic water into the river. Some community members are willing to take it upon themselves to partially or entirely clean up these old mine sites. Unfortunately, according to the Clean Water Act, these citizens then become liable for projects that do not meet EPA standards, even if the water quality is improved. This could potentially be devastating, especially financially, for the “good Samaritans” who have voluntarily cleaned up these sites. 

Good Samaritan Legislation would promote a limited liability of these citizens so there is less of a disincentive for cleaning up our watershed.

You can read more information on EPA’s website: http://water.epa.gov/action/adopt/legislation.cfm

You can also view this great video prepared by Tom Schillaci: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EFDxhyqomQ&feature=youtu.be

Additionally, you can sign this online petition prepared by Ouray County Commissioner Lynn Padgett: http://signon.org/sign/support-a-process-for.fb21?source=s.fb.ty&r_by=5239543

 And check out the UWP’s own Agnieszka Przeszlowska in “The Watch” speaking about “Good Sam” Legislation: 2012.08.02 “Help for Local Good Samaritans Could Come From EPA