Flooding Possible due to Higher Runoff

Plan for emergency measures in areas around the Uncompahgre River and other water sources

Due to above-average snowpack, areas in Ouray County are expected to experience higher runoff than usual this year. Flooding and debris flow are some of our top hazards identified in the Uncompahgre River Watershed.

Based on the current snowpack and the limited private property within the floodplain in Ouray County, local water and public works managers believe the flood and hazard risk in the county is low compared to other counties downstream. However, officials of the county, City of Ouray, and Town of Ridgway are monitoring conditions and will keep the public updated. 

If you’d like to learn more about the local government response, you can attend the Board of County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, April 18 at 11 a.m. for a presentation from the Ouray County Emergency Manager. You can attend in-person at Ouray County 4-H Event Center, 22739 Highway 550, Ridgway or via Zoom. (Note: agenda items are often advanced or delayed on the schedule when other agenda items go shorter or longer in time, so you may want to arrive early.)

Please take care and be cautious when you, your family and pets are around high streamflow in the Uncompahgre River and its tributaries

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