Telluride Gives Day 12.12.18

December 12, 2018 all-day
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Tanya Ishikawa

On December 12, 2018, the Telluride Foundation and UWP hope that every single citizen will log-on to the site and contribute. Through this annual online event, donors give directly to something that will make a difference and celebrate the magic of the Telluride region. This is an opportunity for everyone who cares about our San Juan Mountain community to give collectively to nonprofits engaged in protecting and improving our area. We hope to raise the most money yet in 2018! (UWP raised $1,700 last year.)

The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership’s goal is to raise $3,820 to go towards our 2019 project of publishing a Watershed Guide to Ouray County, which will provide water quality and supply information sought by residents as well as visitors of our watershed. The estimated cost of publishing the guide is $6,400. We have already raised $2,580 of that amount.

UWP has spent more than five years collecting reports and gathering data about the water quality and environmental conditions in the Uncompahgre River and other water sources throughout Ouray County. Though we have a brief brochure with basic information about the watershed and a comprehensive 100-plus-page watershed plan, we have not had the resources to publish a simple and useful guide to help the public understand where the water sources are for various uses, how different conditions impact water quality, and what that means to users. With this guide, we plan to provide this valuable information with graphics, photos, tables/charts and concise text.

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