Cottonwood Planting in Rollans Park

From August 6-9, Rollans Park was undergoing some major changes! Thanks to The UWP, The town of Ridgway, Ouray County Weed Control and the Southwest Conservation Corps, we were able to plant 22 cottonwoods in Rollans Park to improve the health of the stream bank! This project was thanks to a grant written by Matt Jurjonas from the Colorado Healthy Rivers Fund.

The week started out with the SCC Crew digging 22 holes for the cottonwoods.

Then a couple days later, community volunteers and the SCC crew helped plant the cottonwoods that were donated from the Ridgway State Park!

Then the next day, we put fences up around the trees to protect them from grazers:

And after a bit of watering and good luck, the cottonwoods will establish and thrive!

We also enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by Mountain Market in Ridgway!

Thank you to everybody who helped with this project! It was a huge success!