UWP Board: Judi Chamberlin

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Judi and her husband moved to Ridgway because they were attracted to the recreational opportunities, natural beauty, and the friendly, like-minded people who live in the area. She’s a retired physician assistant and epidemiologist; her focus was international public health. Her favorite assignment was working on a three-year study in the Andes Mountains of Peru, studying the epidemiology of endemic Bartonella bacilliformis, an infectious disease that has caused debilitating disease in Peru since pre-Inca times. 

Judi was also fortunate to work and live in multiple countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa during her career.

In addition to the UWP board, she’s on the board of the Ridgway Community Garden. She also volunteers with ROCC (Ridgway-Ouray Community Council) and the Ouray County Food Pantry.

She became a UWP board member because clean water is essential to human health and our environment. In the developing world, where she spent most of her professional career, nearly one billion people live with no access to clean drinking water and the consequences are devastating. Closer to home, much of the health of our region is dependent on the health of the Uncompahgre River watershed.

Judi loves to travel and explore our natural world, as well as bike, camp, hike, cross-country ski, canoe, swim, practice yoga, and read.  She is grateful for her wonderful husband, Dave Jones, two grown sons, and inspiring friends.