UWP Board: Gary Roberts

GaryRobertsBoard Vice President

After living in some of the most beautiful areas in the West, Gary and his wife chose a ranch between Ridgway and Ouray as the final stop. The area has outdoor activities, scenery, community, great folks and only one stoplight. The ranch (some locals call it The Wolfpaw Ranch) requires a lot of time, as the couple saved it from development and it had been somewhat neglected over the years. 

Other than ranch work, most of their time is taken up by skiing, hiking, biking, paddle boarding, tennis, golf, art work, family and just trying to be good folks. His wife Barb and their housemate, Pete the pup, both live to hike.

Gary’s career included engineering and geology with the Forest Service and BLM. He was also involved in oil and gas exploration, production and transmission companies.

He sees rivers as the lifeblood of the West. He is personally connected to them through fishing, kayaking, irrigation on the ranch and just looking at them for pleasure.

He joined the UWP board, because the nonprofit does excellent work to restore the Uncompagre. The folks that volunteer to do the work are dedicated, and just as important, they are fun.  We only have one river in the valley and it needs some help.