UWP Board: Carl Mackey

Carl and his spouse, Sheri, moved to Ridgway full time after answering the question, “If not now, when?” They have had friends living in Ouray County and have owned property in the county for many years. Carl completed a 30-plus year career as a restoration ecologist on the Rocky Mountain Arsenal hazardous waste cleanup, and Sheri was ready for a career change, so they decided to move to Loghill in December 2021.

As a restoration ecologist, Carl worked initially doing litigation support. The project then moved into the cleanup design phase, then into the construction of the cleanup, and finally into the monitoring phase.  The work began by collecting baseline data for vegetation, soils, and biota. That information, as well as copious amounts of other data was used to ​inform the ​​​design ​of ​the cleanup of the hazardous material and construction of what was to become the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Contaminated material and soil were consolidated into two traditional landfills and two alternative design landfills encouraged by the EPA. Monitoring of soil moisture percolation has shown a succe​​ssful isolation of consolidated hazardous material from groundwater.

​As an ecologist, Carl understands the importance of the watershed landscape classification, and the necessity of protecting, as well as restoring the Uncompahgre Watershed. The quality of the watershed is highly important​ for sustainable agricultural, municipal, and recreational use. After attending ​a​ UWP board meeting,​ Carl thought he might have something to offer UWP in terms of ​ecological restoration project support so joined the board in February 202​3​.

​Carl enjoys anything outdoors. Skiing and snowshoeing in the winter​, adventure hiking and river running in the summer, and hunting in the fall. He has been spending time learning the details of the Ponderosa Pine Forest. Carl also enjoys roads trips to Boulder and Montana, visiting kids and grandkids.