UWP Board Member Dudley Case


After 31 years as an attorney at the U.S. Treasury Department and in private practice, Dudley  retired to Ouray County with his wife, Sharon, in 2009, to live closer to their son, who is a high school teacher in Fort Collins.  In Illinois, Dudley worked as a volunteer for 10 years on the Sierra Club’s Valley of the Fox Group’s water sampling and water testing of the Fox River and six of its tributaries.

He and Sharon do Uncompahgre River water quality monitoring for UWP. Dudley is also a member of many local Ouray County government bodies and citizen organizations, including the Ouray County Road & Bridge Committee, Second Chance Humane Society’s Board, Top of the Pines Board, Ridgway-Ouray Community Council’s Board, and The Ridge Subdivision Board. Dudley also volunteers for the Ouray County Historical Society and Ridgway Railroad Museum. He is committed to preserving natural places.

Dudley is a semi-professional photographer, and enjoys hiking, mountain climbing and rock hunting.