2024-2028 Strategic Plan Approved

The board of the Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership approved its five-year strategic plan at the Jan. 11, 2024 board meeting. The plan includes an updated mission, vision, values, and organizational objectives, as well as lists of ongoing and planned projects to be implemented from 2024 to 2028.

The staff and board of the Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership (UWP) embarked on a comprehensive, year-long strategic planning effort in 2023, during the organization’s 10th anniversary of incorporating as a nonprofit. UWP began the process with establishing a long-term vision and updating our organizational values and objectives. Based on a series of internal conversations and discussions with partners, UWP then determined the most impactful projects and programs to implement over the next five years.

While a watershed is impacted by all the elements and happenings within a drainage area, a watershed conservation group like UWP needs to focus its efforts on specific issues. Our organization carefully reviewed conditions in the Upper Uncompahgre River Watershed and gathered community input over the past year to determine where to concentrate our activities for the most benefit. Now, external circumstances and organizational capacity – UWP’s as well as our partner’s – will guide the timelines and magnitude of each project, and this plan will adapt as necessary.

The implementation of this plan over the coming years will not be possible without dedicated board members, talented staff and contractors, and generous funders and partners. Special thanks to those who made this planning effort possible:

Funders: Telluride Foundation, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Nonpoint Source Program, City of Ouray, Ouray County, and Town of Ridgway

Current and outgoing board members: Scott Williams, Dennis Murphy, Michael Johnson, Jay Montgomery, Gary Roberts, Mary Menz, Amanda Clements, Arlen Huggins, Carl Mackey, Phil Harrold, Taylor Poyner, and Dave Ludwick

Facilitator extraordinaire Anthony Poponi of Humore.us, and staff: Ashley Bembenek, Pamela Cannalte, and Jake Kurzweil.

Sincerely, UWP Executive Director Tanya Ishikawa