UWP Board & Mission


The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership exists to help protect the economic, natural, and scenic values of the Upper Uncompahgre River Watershed.  The Partnership works to inform and engage all stakeholders and solicits input from diverse interests to ensure collaborative restoration efforts in the watershed.


The Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership (UWP) was created in spring, 2007, when regional groups and concerned citizens applied for a watershed-planning grant. The UWP is a grassroots coalition of citizens, nonprofits, local and regional governments, and federal and state agencies dedicated to understanding, restoring and protecting land and natural resources within the Uncompahgre Watershed.


Board President Anthony Ramsey, Board Vice President Dennis Murphy, Board Treasurer Scott Williams, Board Secretary Judi Chamberlin; Members: Dudley Case, Michael Johnson, Jay Montgomery, George Patten, Gary Roberts, and Brad Wallis

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