UWP Board Member Anthony Ramsey

Board-Tony Ramsey and Sierra

Anthony meandered to the Ridgway area in 2005, following a job offer, and fell in love with the valley. It was like turning back the clock 50 years…

He has spent most of professional career working in and around water, largely out of doors. His primary focus these days is the management of small drinking water systems in southwest Colorado. Water treatment requires immense dedication, an understanding of a multi-faceted field, a real passion for the unexpected, in a working environment that is filled with solitude. There is an entire journey before the tap.

He enjoys quiet time exploring new nooks with the dogs, hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing, road trips, and strumming the guitar with friends under dark, star-filled sky.

He has immensely enjoyed the countless days spent off the beaten path performing fisheries field work in remote wilderness settings, on lonely rivers, and in bubbling mountain streams. The work was taxing and enjoyable. He has a great vision of the Comet Hale Bop illuminating the Northern sky while he was telemetry tracking burbot on the wild Kootenai River of Northern Idaho. One of life’s special moments that lingers…

Rivers are the sacred link between our ancient past and distant future. All life evolves around water. Directly or indirectly, we all benefit from and use the Uncompahgre River. We owe it to ourselves to clean up the spoils of our past, the protect and conserve the resource for all plants and animals, to educate the children to do the same, and to call on our community to rise up in support…to do something worthwhile and meaningful!