UWP Board Member Amanda Clements

Amanda and husband Tony live on the outskirts of Montrose. They moved here in 1993, because she was hired on with the BLM Field Office in Montrose. Once here, they found it was a great location.

Amanda and Tony have tried very hard to instill a love and respect for Nature in our children. Their son, Jasper, is studying at CU Boulder. Their daughter, Edelawit, is a student at Montrose High School.

Amanda is working on creating a business to help people reconnect with Nature. She and Tony like just about anything outdoors – hiking, running, camping, biking and boating. They also love to travel as a family.

A career highlight for Amanda was definitely as Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya, working with farmers practicing aquaculture. She and Tony did wildlife research for almost a year in Uganda, then she worked for over 20 years as an ecologist with the BLM. All were very engaging and centered around being outdoors, and involved understanding systems in terms of seeing the interconnections and the bigger picture.

She has been involved in a few regional river restoration efforts dealing with tamarisk, Russian olive and planting cottonwoods, as well as management planning, monitoring and evaluating stream and river condition. She also enjoys rafting and using an inflatable kayak to explore local and more distant rivers. She cares deeply about rivers, and has some knowledge she’d like to share to further the mission of UWP.