$3,000 raised by Fly Fishing Film Tour & Uncompahgre River Benefit co-hosted by RIGS, Trout Unlimited and UWP

Check out a few articles about the benefit and the project that the raised funds will support.

Alternative Power proposes panel permit simplification

by Dalton Carver, dalton@ouraynews.com

The building permit process for solar panel construction may change, after testimony from an Alternative Power Enterprises representative at the Board of County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, March 21.

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Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership requests support

Scott Williams, representing the Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership, also made a short presentation during call to the public Tuesday.

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Special to Montrose Mirror

RIDGWAY-An adventurous mission in pursuit of a giant predatory fish. An inspiring expedition to a tiny island to help protect an over-exploited fishery. An exploration of how to save a wilderness area from rampant poaching and ecosystem collapse.

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